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White River Twp.

Fire / Rescue

This White River Fire Department is located in Randolph County, Winchester, Indiana (there is more than one White River Fire Department. in Indiana). We do not cover the city of Winchester, but the area surrounding it. The Winchester Fire Department handles the city.

We run on all car accidents of an unknown type in our area. Some of us are first responders but only when the county ambulances are out do we run on first responder runs. Our fire territory is approximately 70 square miles and our rescue territory is 220 square miles.  We try to have training once a month.

The department can be reached by calling 765-584-4179

or by e-mail: wrfd@globalsite.net

fax #765-584-4991


White River Twp. Fire Department

115 E. Fourth St.

Winchester, IN 47394


     Fire,  Law Enforcement Officers, & EMS are heros, putting their lives on the line everyday, whether they are full time or volunteer.

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Our Roster

Engine 712

Engine 713

Tanker 714

Tanker 716

Rescue 718


This Department is a member of the Randolph County Firefighter's Association.

Other departments in this organization are Farmland; Lynn; Modoc; Parker City;  Ridgeville; Union City, IN; West Union (Lostantville); Ward Twp. (Saratoga); & Winchester. 

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Apr 11, 2003

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